Alfie Bowen at Castle Fine Art Cambridge - Grand Arcade
Alfie Bowen at Castle Fine Art Cambridge

Inside the world of Alfie Bowen

by Castle Fine Art Cambridge

Likening his camera to a paintbrush, wildlife photographer Alfie Bowen draws upon his experiences of autism and bullying to create startling monochromatic photographs of the animal kingdom. His debut Call of the Wild collection includes three stunning limited edition giclée prints on museum-quality paper.

Modern yet timeless, Alfie’s black-and-white photographs capture the intense beauty of the world’s animal kingdom. No detail goes unnoticed, from the gentle curve of a chimpanzee’s fingertips to the majestic mane of a lion. This incredible focus and gift for capturing startling moments is, in Alfie’s own words, a result of his autism, which has had a profound effect on the young photographer’s life.

As explored in his An Eye For Detail documentary, Alfie’s artistic vision is shaped by meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering determination to prove people wrong. Since receiving his first DSLR camera as a Christmas gift in 2015, Alfie has tirelessly honed his craft. Once alienated by his peers, Alfie found an affinity to animals that guided him through his darkest moments. As a child, he sought solace in wildlife magazines and documentaries, now as an adult his work has been featured by BBC Earth and is lauded by celebrities including Sir David Attenborough.

Alfie’s photography is noted for the ‘tenderness of his soul and the sharpness of his mind’, with Intelligent Magazine stating that ‘as Alfie bares his soul through his lenses, in return they [the animals] bare theirs’. Visiting zoos across the UK, Alfie waits for hours – sometimes days – to capture the perfect shot, and believes that photographing in black and white allows him to focus on the personality of his chosen animal.

Featured by titles including the Metro and Evening Standard, Alfie’s inspiring story has also seen him work alongside charities to raise awareness for wildlife and autism. He was recently named as a judge for the Creative Earth art competition, held in collaboration with WWF and the UN climate change conference COP26.

Alfie, who will release his first book in September 2021, says: “After many years of social exclusion as a result of my autism, I have finally found my calling. Call of the Wild celebrates the results of a ten-year journey from bullied teenager to renowned artist. I am a dreamer, and I am living my dream.”

Discover more about him and his art at Castle Fine Art, on our second floor.


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