Mini Moos at Grand Arcade - Grand Arcade
Mini Moos at Grand Arcade

Mini Moos
at Grand Arcade

About This Event

Grand Arcade is excited to announce that we will have 4 Mini Moos scattered around our Centre as part of the Cows about Cambridge public art trail. From 14 June the miniature cow sculptures, decorated by local schools, colleges and community groups, will be featured in different locations across our Mall and will spend their summer with us!

Each cow will have a unique code that will unlock a summer offer from one of our retailers. Simply input the code on the Cows about Cambridge app and your offer will be ready to go.

The Mini Moos will go home on the 4th of September so make sure to come and see them before then.

We hope you have an a-MOO-zing time visiting our Mini Moos!

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First Floor, Second Floor.
Grand Arcade
Grand Arcade

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